High pressure portable compressors, brand name ASTRA for filling of pressure bottles in accordance with            DIN 3188 by breathing air, up to 330 bar. Outputs range from 160 l/min up to 280 l/min.                                 Compressors are fitted with one, two or four outlets by choice for DIN or INT connecting.                                     El.drives and gasoline drives are very simply replaceable.                                                                                            All models are fitted by stainless steel coolers and intermediate separator.

All models are CE mark certified.

1      A three-cylinder, three-stage piston compressor assembly

2      Drive unit, electric motor, or

3      Drive unit, GD 411 diesel engine

4      Suction air filter for atmospheric air

5      Expansion condensate separator

6      High-pressure condensate separator + filter

7      Third-stage safety valve

8      Pressure air divider (branched pipe)

9      Base frame with vibration absorbers

10      Skid frame for moving the compressor

11      Sludge draining screw

12     Oil inlet socket and draining tube

13     Electric motor switch (for electrical drive only)

14     Drive V-belts

15     Protective cover for compressor driving gear



ASTRA 160-E, ASTRA V3-E, ASTRA V3.2E:  l. 740 mm x  w 420 mm x h. 560 mm

ASTRA 160-B, ASTRA V3-B, ASTRA V3.2-B:  l.  840 mm x w. 420 mm x h. 560 mm



ASTRA 160-E-4, ASTRA V3-E-4 :                            82  kg

ASTRA V3-E-5,5, ASTRA V3.2-E-5,5 :                     90  kg

ASTRA 160-B, ASTRA V3-B, ASTRA V3.2-B:         78.5 kg (115 kg)



Filling time of 10 liter bottle for filling pressures 220 bar


Compressor type

220 bar

ATOM E/2,2kW/220V

28 min

ATOM E/3kW/400V

23 min

ATOM B/ Honda

22 min

160 E/4,4kW/400V

12,5 min

160 B/Honda

10 min

V3 E /5,5kW/400V

10 min

V3 B/Honda

8,5 min

V32 E/7,5kW/400V

8,5 min

V32 B/Honda

7 min


8,5 min






Maintenance after operating hours

compressors oil LM 750 0,95liter 1. exchange after 10 hrs
each other 30 hrs
each other 100 hrs
filtr cartridge standard  activ.carbon + mol.sieve +/- 10 hrs 
filtr cartridge standard ATOM activ.carbon + mol.sieve +/- 20 hrs
filtr cartridge Stabil activ.carbon + mol.sieve

+/- 75 hrs